Aspen locals reveal their secret stash

If you want to know where all the fun is on a mountain then make friends with a local. Aspen locals reveal their favourite ski runs and why.

Frank Shine, @blizzimages Blizzard skis ambassador

I’ve been in Aspen since 1996 and my favourite run is G3 in Highlands Bowl. Why? Because it’s mine, all mine!

Kelly Hayes, national football spotter, Aspen media guide

I love Camp Ground in Snowmass for the double fall line and the length and it passes some of Aspen’s most beautiful homes. It’s my church, the far western run snakes down the side and you’re on your own with very few people.

Lea Tucker, Aspen Skiing Company International Public Relations

When the gates are lifted – head to T4 Trainor’s Ridge in Aspen. You will find the steepest of the steeps and powder lines all to yourself, as well as a picturesque view of the town of Aspen from an angle you’ve never seen before.

Christy Mahon, Aspen Centre for Environmental Studies

I love this question! One of my favorite runs on Aspen mountain is a link up traverse of the whole mountain – Kristi’s to Ridge of Bell to Norway. Aspen Mountain is a riddle – the secret is to unlocking all the possibilities.

Richard Stettner, Managing Director Limelight Hotels

My favourite is KT Gulley at Snowmass. This is a chute type of run on Snowmass that opens up into some great glade/tree skiing. The top portion is steep and narrow.

A couple of seasons ago I was skiing this with my 9 year old son, Jack. I was the first one to drop in and was about half the way down when I caught an edge and did a double ejection and slide down to the bottom. Sitting their gaining my sense back Jack comes down and drops me my skis and says “nice one dad”.

This was both a humbling and amazing experience as I realized that my days are numbered of being able to keep up with him. It made me think of the days when he could barely ski, to now keeping up with me and soon he will have to wait for me. The run is great-but the memory of this incident will forever be with me especially when I ski this run.

Chris Klug, pro snowboarder Chris Klug Foundation

Ozone at Highlands Bowl at Aspen Highlands, steep and deep. Great warm-up on the way up and the view is unbeatable. Where else can you ride 40 plus degrees in-bounds?

Andy Docken, Aspen Mountain Ski & Snowboard School Manager

This is clearly a trick question, there’s no such thing as a favorite “run”. But I think I understand what you’re really asking for and it includes breakfast at Bonnies – Mmmmmm.  Everyone knows that a high speed carving cruiser on North American will bring you right to the step of pancake heaven.

Once I’ve had my breakfast fill I’m ready to hit my favorite skiing area on Aspen Mountain, The Dumps. More specifically Short Snort because it has an incredible pitch, faces just north enough to keep the snow perfect, and just east enough to offer perfect morning light.

Kim Reichhelm, K2 Ski Ambassador, Ski Guide

Although I travel all over the world I would rather be in Aspen than anywhere. I love the community, the mountains, the weather and and working with a Ski Company that is as passionate about skiing as I am.

My favorite run is on Ajax Mountain, called S1. S1 is one of the steepest pitches on Ajax. It starts higher then many of the runs in the Dumps which means sometimes it gets more snow. It also faces slightly north east, keeping the snow protected from the sun.

The very top of S1 is steep and rocky and does not hold snow well. On a powder day it’s one of the first hits I go for. To flash any run you need to know the slope inside and out. On slow days I study the entrances, rocks, tress and clean lines. It’s a blind rollover off the road and in order to ski it well you don’t stop to look.

Knowing what’s under the powder and over the blind rollover with a strong image in my head allows me to ski S1 top to bottom without stopping. It’s important to have options and alway be in control. When all the pieces come together and I ski S1 without hesitation and hit Spar with a rush of adrenaline there is no stopping and talking about it.

Just charge back up there and do it again hanging on to one of the best feeling there is.

Christine Benedetti, Arts & Entertainment editor for Aspen Daily News

When it snows, there is no place like the Dumps on Aspen Mountain. You have your pick of steep, open and deep or perfectly gladed aspens that double as gates so you can pretend like you’re in super G powder field. I love S1. It’s short, sweet and addictive.

Steve Goff, photographer @stevegoffphoto ski concierge for The Little Nell

Favourite run? That’s a tough call on Aspen mountain. Either S1, Cone Dump or Silverqueen – Either one of these three on a powder day and whichever has the least people!

Glenn Maddocks, ski instructor Aspen Snowmass

Too much good stuff all over the 4 mountains. If I have to pick one it’s this route: Deception Shoulder into deception. Then into Robinson’s. Finishing with Lower Stein.

Over 3600ft of double black terrain. Mix of snow conditions, terrain and fall lines. Away from the masses that are often hitting up the bowl and Steeplechase.


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