The farshun world, dahlink, loves a ski resort. All that white backdrop to show off the latest silhouettes, never mind if you can actually ski or not, après is where it’s at.

Spanish high end couture brand Balenciaga has released a capsule ski collection for this northern season. Now you too can snowboard on a $7800 board or a set of $8698 skis complete with Balenciaga logos.

Before you scoff at such sorcery, consider the technical innovations in this collection – membrane bonded fabrics so you can schuss in waterproof denim and water repellant hoodies.

Add ventilation systems, battery life saving pockets and even removeable crampons on sneakers.

To launch the ski collection the brand plonked their ridiculously good looking models onto sandy shores to juxtapose the hot and cold while wearing wraparound mirrored shades.

Expect oversized everything from cargo pants to parkas to mammoth après ski boots and padding galore.  Check out the collection here. 

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