Christmas stocking stuffers for skiers and boarders

Got a skier or a snowboarder that you need to fill a stocking for this Christmas? You’re in luck – skiing and snowboarding requires a whole lot of accessories that make for great gifts, but don’t break the budget.

Check out our guide for stocking stuffers that’ll please any snow tragic, and all for under $50 each.

A beanie

This is an easy one to stuff into a stocking and will be well-received by anyone who’s planning on a ski holiday in their near future, whether they’re rocking it on the slopes or while wandering around a ski town looking for après-ski venues. Go for a colour and style that’ll suit them – but we do like this North Face Logo Boxed Cuff beanie ($34.99) for one that’ll look good on anybody.

north face beanie
The North Face Logo Boxed Cuff Beanie ($34.99)

Ski socks

No skier or snowboarder can ever have enough pairs of ski socks in their life – and seeing as they’re a bit more of an investment than your average sock, they’ll appreciate a pair in their stocking. Go for a technical sock that offers cushioning in the impact zones and material that’ll keep them warm, dry and as stink-free as possible. Bonus points for something that looks good, like this Le Bent Definitive Light Aztec Sock ($39.99).

le bent ski socks
Le Bent Definitive Light Aztec Sock ($39.99)

Glove liners

A pair of glove liners can be a lifesaver for really cold days – and cold hands – on the slopes. This pair of XTM merino gloves ($34.99) can be kept in a jacket pocket and pulled out while skiing, snowboarding or even just walking around town on a particularly cold evening – they’re odour-resistant and designed to stay warm even when wet.

xtm merino gloves
XTM merino gloves ($34.99)


If you know a snow buff that waxes their own gear, pick up some fresh wax for them – it’s always appreciated. We like the Beaver Wax All Temp Wax ($24.95) as it’ll work for various climates, and they can hot wax or buff it on. Also, it’s made with environmentally friendly additives, so it’s kind to the mountains.

beaver wax
Beaver Wax All Temp Wax ($24.95)

Snowboard grips

Snowboarders will love seeing these in their stocking, especially if they’re looking to master some one-footed tricks or grabs. Our pick are the Crab Grab mini claws ($29.99), which peel off and stick to a snowboard wherever a snowboarder needs extra grip. Each claw is three inches long and designed to be lightweight but durable.

crab grab mini claws
Crab Grab mini claws ($29.99)

Wrist guards

Another one for the snowboarders out there. Some people love them, and some people love to hate them, but anyone who’s just starting out in the sport will likely feel more secure with the extra wrist protection. Go for a pair of Burton Wrist Guards ($39.99) for a sleek, low-profile design that easily fits under a pair of gloves.

burton wrist guards
Burton Wrist Guards ($39.99)

A Go Pro grip

If you know a Go Pro lover that’s going away over the Christmas holidays, they’ll likely love a new grip that’ll help them capture all the action. We like “The Handler” ($49.95) – a waterproof, floating hand grip that increases stability and control, making all your selfies look great. It also comes with a wrist strap and a thumb screw wrench that doubles up as a bottle opener.

go pro grip
“The Handler” ($49.95)

A belt

Make sure their ski or snowboard pants won’t be falling down by throwing a belt into their stocking. Pick one that’s stretchy with a low-profile buckle, so that it stays functional without getting in the way – like Arcade’s Decoy Belt ($44.99).

arcade decoy belt
Arcade’s Decoy Belt ($44.99)

A wax scraper

A cheap and cheerful, but super-useful, item for anyone who waxes their own skis or snowboard. Wax scrapers can get blunt and dull, making them essentially useless for waxing purposes – so make sure they’re at the top of their game with a new one. A scraper such as Anticorp’s Triangle Wax Scraper ($14.95) provides not one but three surfaces for scraping.

wax scraper
Anticorp’s Triangle Wax Scraper ($14.95)

Scraper mats

Snowboarders will be stoked to find these in a stocking – scraper mats that you can attach to a topsheet of a board and use for removing snow off a boot before strapping into bindings. Go for the Burton Mini Scraper Mats ($19.95) for mats that won’t take up too much room on a board.

burton mini scrapers
Burton Mini Scraper Mats ($19.95)


As any snow tragic can tell you, a new neckwarmer is always welcome – it offers up another layer for those minus-20 days on the slopes and is a great back-up if you happen to lose one along the way. Go for one with a cool print, such as this Rojo Tube Neckwarmer ($24.99).

Rojo Tube Neckwarmer
Rojo Tube Neckwarmer ($24.99)

Need more? Check out our ultimate Christmas gift guide for snow tragics.

What are you buying for your snow-loving friends and family this Christmas?

Natalia is an Australian writer, content creator and communications specialist who's spent the last few years in Canada and Japan. Equally obsessed with the sea and the snow, you can usually find her dreaming - and writing - about one of the two.


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