It’s not a case of “if” but “when” for Dinner Plain this winter. While skiers and snowboarders are holding hope for a commercial ski season to go ahead during COVID-19 restrictions, it relies not just on the government authorities but also on the break even point for each resort should skiing be allowed.

However Dinner Plain have announced today that they will open, regardless, as soon as the authorities give the go ahead. With Dinner Plain’s status as a township outside of Alpine Resort boundaries, preparations continue for business as usual for its winter operations.

While the future of the Australian ski season remaining uncertain, Dinner Plain’s preparations continue for a snow-bound winter. Alpine Shire Council Spokesperson, Nathan Fenton, says the village will be open and ready to receive visitors should Government restrictions allow.

“Right now the rules are quite clear that people must stay home, but should the restrictions around travel ease by winter, then our plans are to be in operation for winter visitors” says Fenton.

“People come to Dinner Plain for the unique snow experience. Visitors can bring their dogs, park next to their accommodation and there are no entry fees to the village.”

“Our setup includes cross country ski trails, snowshoe terrain and a huge toboggan slope, all of which could conceivably be run within social distancing measures. We’re looking at all of these with an expectation to be able to offer them for the winter ahead.”

More than 30cm of natural snow has fallen across Dinner Plain High Country village, situated above the snow line at 1570m and bordering the alpine resort of Mount Hotham, over the last day.

Temperatures plummeted late Thursday night, falling below zero by Friday morning. Expectations are for snowfall to persist through the weekend with totals of up to 50cm possible.

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