With a month to go until ski and snowboard season in Australia, forecasters are making stabs in the dark about the winter snow falls ahead and the rest of us are just praying it will be a good one. 

Snow fall may be as predictable as Lotto numbers, but there are some things that always stay the same, every season. 

Here’s five of them. 

There will be a race to open first

Mt Buller Snow Factory
The Snow Factory at Mt Buller in March

Perisher likes to sneak up on us with a last minute afternoon opening before the official opening long weekend. Though Mt Buller has the heads up with their snow factory and we know they’re already stockpiling for this season… Watch this space.

There will be a Snowmageddon, Snowzilla or Snowpocalypse

Snowzilla in training for the season ahead

Naming blizzards has become a thing in recent years. We’ve had snowmageddens, snowzillas and blizzards of oz. Expect snownado, snowicane, snow bombs, snowliath, megasnowsaurus, tyranasnow, brontosnowaurus, snowpollo though we think we should name them after Australian Olympians. The Mega Morris, The Big G, Snowzali, Scottpocalypse. Clearly we need a coffee, Tylenol or a good lie down. 

The annual Aldi ski sale carnage will continue

Aldi ski sale
Actual image from the famed Aldi Battle of the Ski Thermals

There will be outrage over Aldi from those affronted by the idea of affordable ski gear and kids all dressing the same on the bunny slopes. There will also be carnage. At the sale. So prepare for battle. 


snow meme
Memes about memes

There will be memes. Memes about memes.

Japan style snow down under

Aomori in Japan
Kareela Hutte at Thredbo. Or as Dean Martin says, that’s Aomori.

As sure as ‘packed powder’ in a snow report (uh, packed powder is just hard packed snow) someone, somewhere (probably me) will refer to the snow quality of a particular snow storm as akin to skiing in Japan. No one will refer to it as ice even if it’s blue and glaring, it’s still just corn snow waiting to happen, right?

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