We’ve got the lowdown (and pics) on this year’s Aldi ski gear range

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Get excited, people, we’ve got the Aussie lowdown on this year’s Aldi ski gear with first access a day before the catalogue launches tomorrow. You’re welcome. 

Start lining up now as we all know what The Battle of Aldi brings and you have to be prepared or you won’t last the long line up and the mad dash for this year’s range. Bring water, better yet, wear a camel pack and an ice hockey goalie mask if you can.

Love them or loathe them, it all helps in the serious business of saving money for those that can’t live to ski and snowboard another day any other way – and those who want some extra dollars for après cocktails and then some.

There is, of course, an art to purchasing Aldi ski gear and it’s know what you want. Go in with a clear head and a list of requirements. Do not deviate, sale frenzy is a real condition and it can leave you dazed and confused and back at home with multiple pairs of pants in too many sizes and that helmet you fought for that you didn’t need.

The good news is many of the outerwear pieces this year feature Dupont Sorona wadding, a renewably sourced fibre that keeps the outer garments insulated and is breathable, moisture resistant and heat retentive in alpine conditions. You can also check waterproof ratings on the gear, the higher the number the more water proof the garment.

If you have time while diving into the thermal bins and searching for a glove that matches then also check out the breathable ratings. Again, higher the number the more breathable the material. Many jackets this year also have ski lift pass pockets on the bottom left hand jacket sleeve for the RFID lift pass systems.

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The not so good news is tones are more muted this season with less bold patterns of past years. Better for those wanting to blend in, but not better for those wanting to stand out. 

But that’s not all, prices, we know you want prices. 

What can I say? Soft shell jackets and pants are under AU$59.99. Premium ski jackets and pants will set you back between $99.99 and $119.99. Snowboard specific pants and jackets are going for under $59.99. 

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Underlayers, base layers, thermals and vests are all under AU$39.99.

As for accessories? We’re talking merino, leather gloves, touchscreen gloves, helmets, boots and goggles for under $34.99.

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But what of the children?

Prepare to fork out up to $19.99 for accessories (goggles, helmets, socks, sled, gloves, boots and all) and up to $39.99 for outerwear.

Send pics, or help

Good luck. May you go forth and prosper on May 18. Stay safe, in one piece, report back and call us for help if you get in trouble. We’ve got you covered and will send in back up.

And, again, this post has NOT been paid for. Aldi has not given us money, nor even a pair of gloves. Though we wouldn’t mind their award winning chocolate, wine and cheese. Just saying.

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