Freehold land up for grabs at Hotham

If you’ve always fancied building your own chalet home at your favourite ski resort then you’re in luck.

21 freehold and leasehold vacant allotments are up for auction at Mt Hotham from as little as AU$100 000 (auction reserve).

The highest land auction ever held in Australia will be held this September by Castran H Real Estate. The auction is a once in a lifetime opportunity for individuals to own prime land in the alpine village of Mount Hotham, at 1750m above sea level.

Currently owned by Mount Hotham Skiing Company, on offer will be 21 Freehold and Leasehold vacant land allotments making this the most significant land auction ever held across the Australian Alps.  Hotham recently announced a $100 million development including an expanded Hotham Central, accommodation, parking and more.

“It (Mount Hotham) is the only mountain in Australia where you can buy vacant allotments and the only place in the southern hemisphere that you can buy freehold at this altitude” says John Castran of Castan Real Estate.

“This is the largest auction ever held of freehold and leasehold land in history and they are going to be the most affordable blocks ever sold. Reserves start at $100,000 and with an extended 12-month settlement this should be a bonanza for individuals and families wanting to take advantage of buying in this premier location.”

The auction will be held at The Olsen (637 Chapel St, South Yarra), Thursday September 7th at 12pm.

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