Japan’s PM confirms the country will lift all tourism restrictions…soon.

    Takaragawa Onsen, a mixed hot spring with some of the largest outdoor baths(Rotenburo) in Minakami town, Gunma, Japan. Photo: Shutterstock

    It’s a case of another day another quote filled with hope from a Japanese official regarding border openings in time for the ski season.

    While the country has slowly lifted restrictions and requirements to enter the country as a tourist, we’ve all been waiting for an official announcement regarding the most talked about border openings in the pandemic.

    Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made more rumblings today in New York City where he is attending the United Nations General Assembly.

    The Australian Financial Review is reporting Mr Kishida as revealing changes may be made as soon as next month.

    “The government is currently in the process of removing the cap on the number of visitors, allowing individual travel, and waiving visa requirements for short-term stays,” said Mr Kishida.

    Should this happen, then it’s good news for skiers and snowboarders and the struggling snow tourism industry.

    The official dates and details of the visa waiver and open border policy are yet to be released and we are all waiting on an announcement from the Japanese government regarding this.

    Until then, sit tight. We are still in the land of conjecture limbo.

    We’ll reveal when the country actually makes real, true, official, genuine, triple fact checked changes to the border. Then we’ll all party.

    When we do get into the country there is talk that Japan will implement a ban on hotel guests not wearing masks. This is to control outbreaks as they happen.

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