I’m not even sure how multiple judges see the same run and with no conferring with each other, score 100% for all elements of the same run. But today, it happened at the US Grand Prix in spectacular style.

USA snowboarder, Shaun White, blew his halfpipe run out of the park (no pun intended) to score a perfect 100 at the Snowmass World Cup (part of the US Grand Prix).

What the, even? White included a Double McTwist 1260 and a frontside double cork 1440 in the winning run.

THIS is how he did it and secured a place in the US Olympic Team for PyeongChang in the process.

Meanwhile, Aussie Scotty James took silver and Japanese snowboarder Yuto Totsuka scored bronze.

Did Shaun White just diss 'our' Scotty James?


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