VIDEO: Hilarious short film ‘Dream Job’ is all of us around ski pros

Seriously, Katie Burrell in the short film Dream Job is all of us wannabe cool ski kids around those that are actually cool because they don’t try, they just do.

I should know about trying too hard and knowing nothing, I mean I had to Google Shane McConkey before skiing with him in Chile (name drop) and stood up the Prime Minister of New Zealand at a chairlift opening at Cardrona because I couldn’t ski down a cat track to meet her (amateur).

Notice how I managed to make this story about me? See, I should be a skinfluencer.

But I digress.

Being able to ski and snowboard sometimes seems the only prerequisite to getting a foot in the door job, in a marketing department, where it’s a race to who can be paid the least or be paid in swag or stoke, which is really paid in air. 

The Dream Job short film created by Colleen Gentemann and starring Katie Burrell is a fun piss take on those that want to in the industry and a good look at those who actually get stuff done. 

It’s a sweet ass way to showcase the bad ass chicks that work in bad ass roles in the snow world, delivered with humour that doubles as social commentary on a gnar-cissistic ski world. Pretty sure you saw what we did there.

This tightly filmed and edited (that’s a good thing in a world of ski yawn porn) is a perfect 15 minutes of fun with a feel good sound track. Burrell delivers one liners and asides with aplomb with the kind of beat your bestie uses, so you can’t help but love her.

But best of all, Burrell hilariously gets up close and personal with the pros that eat big mountains for breakfast as well as those silent impressive mountain guide types that make lesser folk like you and I have verbal diarrhoea in the hope they’ll like us (they don’t).

Our favourite line? The moment she stands atop of a mammoth ridge with a choice of ‘Broken Pelvis’ or ‘Certain Death’ as the two runs on offer with a down climb in for access.

“Have you ever down climbed?” asks Christina Lustenberger, mega extreme ski pro.

“Sure, out of a loft.”

Yep, Burrell is all of us.

The ski pros in this film, Christina Lustenberger, Girls Do Ski founder Leah Evans and North America’s first female certified mountain guide, Diny Harrison are amazing. Big respect amazing and they deserve to be highlighted with the good grace that this film delivers. They’re also great sports and again, you want to be their friends, but, hey, stay cool.

You may have already caught the film on tour in North America or Europe in recent months or you may have been waiting for it to come online. That day, dear readers is now here. 

Watch and guffaw.

You’re welcome.

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