Let’s be honest, skiing and snowboarding are both expensive hobbies. First, there are the skis and boards, then the boots. Not to mention snow jackets, pants, base layers, goggles… The list goes on.

But what if there was a way to get more bang for your buck. A way to invest in gear that transcends beyond the snow season. Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, let me introduce you to the world of cross-over gear and 7 snow items you can use year-round that will save you money.

Windproof Gloves

XTM Gore Infinium II GORE-TEX® Lightweight Glove – water resistant and wind blocking

Perfect for spring conditions or backcountry touring, the lightweight windproof glove can also come in handy (see what we did there) for early morning runs, cycling, fishing, or hiking adventures. 

Unlike its more insulated counterparts, being lightweight lends itself to warmer conditions, perfect for all-season activities. Opt for gloves that are both water-resistant and wind-blocking for protection when you’re racing down the slopes.

The lightweight shell jacket

Helly Hansen SWIFT 3L Shell Jacket

The southern hemisphere slopes are famous for warm, wet, and windy conditions so rather than opting for heavily insulated snow jackets, why not invest in a lightweight shell?

Not only will it protect you from the elements but the minimal insulation lets it double as a rain coat. You can layer it over base and mid layers on cold days and just base layers on those warm spring skiing days. Lean toward jackets with high waterproof ratings (anything 20K or over is optimal) with GORE-TEX style proofing.

Better yet, The North Face have created a Triclimate Clement ski jacket that is a shell with an inner insulated midlayer that is detachable so you can use all year round.

Breathable Merino Base Layers

Le Bent’s Core 200 Crew Merino and bamboo rayon blend.

From the slopes to summer trails, Merino and Merino-blend base layers are ideal for year-round activities. Described as nothing short of a miracle fibre, Merino is breathable, moisture-wicking, odour-resistant, and best of all, thermoregulating. This means it will warm you up when it’s cold or cool you down if it gets hot. Aussie brand Le Bent have a Merino Bamboo blend ideal for year round adventures.

So make sure to ditch the polyester this winter and opt for base layers that can perform in all seasons. 

Compression Gear for Recovery

SKINS SERIES-3 men’s thermal long tights.

Whether you’re wearing it at the gym, as a base leggings layer on the slopes, or downward dogging by the fire, compression gear is another multi-purpose item to invest in for the snow. 

Designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow through the body, compression clothes can invigorate performance and shorten recovery time.

Not only can you wear it year-round, but you’ll also get the most out of your lift pass as you lap the chairlift long after your mates have thrown in the towel. 

Street to slope backpacks

Burton 25L Day Hiker snow to street backpack

Fitting in just as easily on your morning commute as it does at the snow, a day pack will make your life easier on the slopes whilst still offering features to suit what we like to call “non-adventurous lifestyle choices” (AKA the day job).

Look for packs that have the added benefits of a laptop sleeve but also packed with ride-ready features for the mountains. Think ski and board carry straps, hydration bladder space, drink bottle pockets, and ergonomic shapes for comfort. Double it up as a hiking pack and you’ve got yourself a clear winner.

The trusty neck buff

Though it may not be the most glamorous piece of apparel in the collection, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in function.

The trusty neck warmer (or neck buff) can be used as the name suggests, to protect your neck and face from cold and windy days at the snow. Additionally, it can be worn by cyclists battling crisp morning cycles, fishermen needing extra sun protection, or runners and hikers resisting harsh elements.

Wear it as a buff, bandana, or even headband, it’s the ultimate transformer to add to your active wardrobe.

Save the day with a multi tool

Taking a slight detour from snow apparel, our last multi-tasker is the aptly named multi-tool. It’s the snow essential you never knew you needed. Use it to adjust snowboard binding straps or fine-tune your stance. It can also alter din settings and change ski boot buckles. 

Outside of the snow, it’s pliers, knives, scissors, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, and everything in between can make life easier hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, you name it. You’ll be so rapt with your multi-tool, you’ll wonder why we aren’t given one of these from birth.

So that concludes our 7 multi-seasonal gear choices for your next snow adventure. You’ll be surprised at how much cash you’ll save by investing in these multi-purpose items. All the more to spend on après right?

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