Australians have been known to be an inventive bunch. Some of our most iconic creations include Vegemite, the Hills Hoist, cask wine (a personal favourite), and let’s not forget every tradies preferred mode of travel – the ute. 

But did you know that this inventive streak continues into the snow industry? 

Here’s our list of 10 unique Aussie snow brands that need to be on your radar, shaking up the local and global industry as we know it.

Le Bent, style and function top to bottom

Founded in 2010, LeBent is the brainchild of two Aussie mates and long-time ski bootfitters, Simon and Anthony. The duo’s first product was a technical snow sock made from a natural blend of Merino wool and bamboo.

Fast forward to today, and they’ve continued with their Signature Blend love affair, extending it across socks, baselayers, midlayers, and accessories with an aim to blur the lines between luxurious comfort, performance, and style. 

XTM Performance, outerwear for all the family

If you were tuned into the Winter Olympics earlier this year, you may have seen our next brand flash up on your screen. Founded in 1999, XTM Performance has been the official supplier to the Aussie Winter Olympic Team for over 15 years. Makes sense since one of their founders, Pete Forras is an Australian Olympian himself.

The team at XTM designs wallet-friendly snow apparel for the whole family and can essentially dress you from head to toe, all whilst being 100% Carbon Neutral. On top of this, they recently pledged Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040, proving that affordability and sustainability don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Zone by Lydia Lassila, relaxed at the lodge

Another Australian Olympian forging their own path in the retail world is Lydia Lassila. The 2010 Winter Olympics, gold-medal-winning, Aerial Skier. After retiring from elite sport, the loving Mum and quick-witted entrepreneur turned her sights on creating sustainable yoga accessories and apparel.

Zone’s collection of activewear would not be out of place next to a crackling fireplace after a long day on the slopes. Made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, the luxe activewear is self-described as “so comfy you won’t want to wear anything else” and to that, we say “challenge accepted”. 

Yuki Threads, urban mountain wear

Just like LeBent, Yuki Threads was founded in 2010 by another Aussie duo. After spending back-to-back seasons between Mt Buller and Japan, Mitch and Lani saw an opportunity to create apparel that could bridge the gap between mountain and street style.

Beginning with their iconic riding hoody, the collection now spans across outerwear and apparel. Yet another Aussie brand focusing on sustainability, the team at Yuki invests 1% for the planet, uses Fairtrade certified cotton, and partners with Eden Reforestation Projects.

ROJO Outerwear, for women by women

The oldest of all the brands on our list, ROJO has graced retail shelves since 1987. Realising there was a gap in the market for female-designed snow and surf-inspired clothing, Roe and Jo (get it…ROJO) took on the boys and ended up growing their simple passion for hand-crafted styles into a much-loved alpine lifestyle brand.

Following their mantra “born in the mountains, lives by the ocean”, ROJO continues to deliver laid-back styles that are considered down to the finest detail so snow-loving girls and women can keep warm, dry, and comfortable on and off the mountain.

Nobody’s Princess, the pants you need in your snow life

Going from Aussie snow brand royalty to the new kid on the block, Nobody’s Princess is another Australian-owned snow brand made specifically for women. Sick of wearing ill-fitting ski and snowboard pants, founder Maria decided to take action into her own hands.

Launching in 2020 with a crowd funder for design, production and manufacture, the much heralded (and needed) pants arrived earlier this year. Nobody’s Princess creates outerwear pants specifically made to fit more sizes, heights, and body shapes than any other on the market. With a size range up to AU 22, plus short and tall fit options, Maria’s mission is to instill confidence on the slopes for all women, starting with a good fit and plenty of comfort.

SNOBODi, sustainable care

Another new kid on the block, SNOBODi creator Hugh Wilcox wanted to design and create snow outerwear that could withstand the test of time. His goal – reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill each year.

Understanding that younger generations were fed up with the excessive consumption-driven behaviour of their older peers, the SNOWBODi collection aims at blending timeless design with durable performance features so you can wear it season, after season, after season.

Snuph Wax, 100% philanthropy

Taking a detour from apparel, next we have Snuph Wax. Snuph is all about making a difference. Whether that be the eco-ingredients of their iron-on, all-natural ski and snowboard wax that aims to stop harsh chemicals melting into our waterways. Or, their commitment to donating 100% of profits to help sick Aussie kids at Monash Children’s Hospital. Who would have thought one simple purchase of wax could make so much of a difference?

Kyneee Snowboards, fun and functional

Based out of Sydney, Kyneee is a small Australian-owned snowboard company whose goal is to make great products at good prices, without the unfounded marketing spin. The team at Kyneee was sick of seeing the big snowboard players pop up with the same tech under different names just so riders would upgrade their gear each year for no reason. So they took to making their own snowboards and haven’t looked back since.

Rad Gloves, durable value

Conceived in Victoria’s Falls Creek, Rad Gloves is all about making durable, stylish, fun snow gloves, that don’t cost an arm and a leg. With the notion that some of the harshest conditions can be found here at home, Rad Gloves’ design process includes plenty of on hill testing here in Aus. Presumably, this brand’s philosophy must be working with the team now successfully hitting US shores with their own NBA-inspired co-lab.

Sontimer, eyewear for the snow

Sparked from an idea to make quality goggles at an affordable price, Jindabyne local Stefan set to work on shaking up the Goggle industry, founding Sontimer in 2006. Tested in all types of snow conditions across Australia’s Snowy Mountains, Sontimer aims to prove that the all-important snow eyewear you buy can be stylish, functional, and durable without the exorbitant price tag.

So that’s our list of 10 Aussie snow brands you need to know. After a tough two years, here’s hoping we can all get behind them this winter and show the world that Australian ingenuity is more than just vegemite and beachwear but a force to be reckoned with on the slopes.

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