Win Zeal goggles thanks to Snowscene

Brisbane’s leading ski and snowboard travel agency, SnowScene, has a one stop concept travel & retail store in Brisbane in person and online.

It’s enough to make you wish you lived in Brisbane (though with their online shop you don’t have to). If you do then lucky you because now you can book your snow trip to dreamy destinations around the world and deck yourself out in Kjus and POC at the same time as Snowscene are officially the sole Queensland retailers of both iconic brands.


The family run business has been providing snow travel expert advice and bookings for Australians around the country for over thirty years. Now they are doing the same with some of the coolest gear around from Rip Curl, Marmot, Oakley, Zeal, Giro, Douchebag, POC, Kjus and more with free delivery for interstate customers who purchase over $100 worth of product.

Those who fancy the personalised in store service get free parking on site at the Woollongabba concept store destination next to the Chalk Hotel. The families of Brisbane will be familiar with the old Joe Richards premium suit store, right next to the Chalk Hotel where the new store is now located.

The new snow concept store brings a fresh approach to a true snow experience as “Your One Stop Shop” to book your snow holiday with specialists who have visited over 60 resorts worldwide and shop for snow essentials at the same time.

Check out their website and their online store


Fargo_Polarised_1024x1024To celebrate the new one stop concept store Snowscene are giving one lucky SnowsBest reader the chance to win these cool Zeal Fargo Goggles  worth $199.

You could be hitting the slopes with the anti-fog infused lens with impact resistant frame technology and 10% UV protection.

How do you WIN?

Just leave a comment below telling us what Australian city the Snowscene store is in and why you need to win these goggles. It’s that easy.

Winner will be announced on the Snow It All Facebook page on January 25 (extended competition).

Rachael Oakes-Ash is the name behind @misssnowitall and the founder of A long time travel and lifestyle journalist and ski writer, she's been published in ESPN, TIME, Wallpaper*, Action Asia, Inside Sport, Australian Financial Review, Emirates Open Skies, Conde Nast Traveler and more. She was the Fairfax snow blogger from 2007 to 2017 and the Southern Hemisphere editor for OnTheSnow. Rachael is also a documentary producer, author, radio announcer and humorist.


  1. Brisbane, I need these goggles because they are zeal, They look so good and for riding in Australia especially we need fog goggles, and they look so good

  2. Snowscene is in Brisbane & I would love to win them as I need a new pair & they look fantastic. It would be really good to put the $$ new goggles will cost towards a new pair of bindings for next season. 🙂

  3. Brisbane I need these Zeal Fargo goggles to vastly improve my looks and to enjoy anti fog skiing plus I think they will make me look more intelligent than I am

  4. Brisbane. Off to Japan in 3 weeks and after cracking my goggles in Thredbo last winter a pair of rad Zeal goggles would not only be handy but make me stand out on the slopes for all the right reasons!

  5. Snowscene is in Brisbane! We havent been skiing in years, but with plans to hit the slopes again this time next year I could see myself covered in powder in Neisko, or maybe Nozawa Onsen!!!

  6. Brisbane! I would dearly love to win to surprise my near 14 year old daughter – she is in desperate need for a new pair of goggles.

  7. Brisbane, I would really love to win these goggles because im desperate for a new pair. Im going to be working at Mt Hotham for the 2015 season and i think that a new pair of zeal goggles would really help me stand out on the mountain 🙂

  8. Brisbane! Probs don’t really needs to win but I do have pretty bad fashion sense so winning theses will definitely up my fashion cred

  9. Snow scene is in Brisbane. …I would love a new pair of Zeal goggles because I cracked the lense on my other brand goggles in Canada recently

  10. Brisbane.I would love to win these, as I am going to Canada in February to visit my son, & it would be a great birthday present for me this month!!

  11. Brisbane. I need them because my 15 month old boy just got into my ski gear box in the garage & pushed my my current 1 season old goggles across the concrete floor & trashed them through the bag!

  12. Snowscene is in Brisbane! I’d like to win them because i only have Aldi goggles and these ones are fantastic plus they match the ski jacket I purchased from the store a couple of months ago to wear in Canada next month!

  13. Snowscene Brisbane a fun and friendly team. I would love the Zeal googles for my trip to Whistler at the end of this month. They will make my ski look complete on the Whistler ski slopes

  14. Brisbane! I wanna win a pair of goggles, current ones are so uggles! Pair of zeal would be the deal, look so fast and see in (over)cast! Rhymes are bad but goggles rad! Cheers!

  15. Brisbane! I need these goggles as a gift for my girlfriend for our upcoming trip to Canada. If she can’t see when we’re out skiing in a blizzard, it will be my fault (apparently) 🙂

  16. Snowscene is in Brisbane! I am desperate need of a pair of impact resistant Goggles as my skills aren’t up to my consistent spills so my helmet & goggles copy a hiding!

  17. Snowscene is in Brisbane. I need to win these goggles to shield my eyes from all the fluorescent outerwear my buddies like to wear!

  18. Snowscene is located in the Australian city BRISBANE!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this nice pair of goggles.
    Bonne chance!

  19. Snowscene is located in Brisbane (Woollongabba to be precise). I would LOVE to win new goggles because my other ones are so old that the disintegrating foam leaves speckles all down my cheeks when I ski :/

  20. Brisbane 🙂 When I wear my current googles I look like a bug! Please save me from this snow fashion disaster. #mortein #bugnomore #pickmepickme #snowscene #newgoogleswillmakemegofaster

  21. Snowscene is a favourite in my home town of Brisbane. It’s a popular and pleasant necessity for all sunshine staters before they travel to the snow. My goggles came to a timely end after an over ambitious tree run in Japan and now I need some new vision before my annual trip to Perisher and Thredbo later this year.

  22. Snowscene is in Brisbane. I need to win these goggles purely for the “impact resistant frame technology” on account of my uncoordinated nature & constantly bumping my head on things.

  23. The Snowscene store is in Brisbane.
    I’d like to win to be able to sit ski in style whenever in the world that happens to be! I’d lend my pair to my Mum so she can give skiing another go!

  24. Snowscene is in Brisbane, and I need to win them because I’ve just started work as a junior doctor, am working horrific hours, and need a ski holiday and new goggles to look forward to.

  25. Snowscene is THE one-stop powder shop in Brisbane.

    Hook me up with the googles cause 1) they’ll actually get used and 2) chasing snow ALL year leaves me no $ for style! Seriously, just back from Hakuba / Myoko, and off to St Anton/Cham on the 10th. #ieatramen

  26. Brisbane. I am in Japan now surrounded by snow and more snow and my goggles can’t cope, Zeal goggles would do the job and let me see!

  27. Snowscene in in my suburb of Woolloongabba in Brisbane, I need to win these because a second pair is always handy! Also book through Snowscene for Canada trips.


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