The 10 paw-fect Instagram powder pups to follow

There exists a beacon of truth shining out over the caliginous landscape of fake news and echo chambers that is Social Media. Dogs are better than people!

The evidence is ir-roof-utable (oh yeah, I did). Even Travis Rice doesn’t come close to the insta fame of pups like Loki (below), a Californian wolf-dog. Travis can gap as many crevasses as he can find, drop from all of the helicopters and track the world’s water cycles, he is just not going to feel the same love as Loki and co.

Poor Seth Morrison will go on throwing 160-foot front flips, stomping 80-foot back-flips and slaying Alaskan lines blissfully unaware that our attention has been stolen by the a-paw-lingly adorable, snow covered Aspen, the mountain pup.

The bottom line is, you can get after big lines and powder days like a dog with a bone, but we will love you more if you are one!

Freedom, joy, unconditional love and the ability to roll around naked in the snow make these ridiculous, clumsy and ludicrous shagpiles not only a best friend, but pretty good teachers as well. Whether you are having a good day or bad, these powder hounds will help you turn it around!


Aspen The Mountain Pup
Meet Aspen. He is from, you guessed it… Aspen! His photographer parents Hunter and Sarah Lawrence had previously sworn off the gram. Apparently Aspen got them to reconsider. Thank you Aspen!


Loki 2

Loki is straight out of the Jungle Book. Roles were reversed however, as owner, Kelly Lund rescued Loki in the raging silence of deep blizzard. Since then, the pair and their million + followers have traveled to every corner of the US together. I’m not sure who leads the pack, Loki or owner Kelly but one thing is for sure, they’re on one hell of an adventure.

@andrew_muse (and Kicker)


Introducing Kicker (pup) and Andrew (human). These professional powder hounds know how to get after it! Join their 37k followers and thank me later.



Aurora Borealis, Snow and K-9 antics ensue as Tim welcomes you to his Alaskan adventures.


Steeze? Please. The pups from West Coast Heeler Pack are truly living the mountain life!


Holly and Juneau may not be as extreme as some of our other favorite pups, they live in Minnesota after all, but they are extremely cute!


This Golden Retriever  may not have photographer parents, but he will save your life! Check out the Lake Tahoe ski patrol dog, Hawk, from Northstar saving lives and melting hearts.


Andrew (human) and Momo (pup) have built their lives around each other (and their 500k + followers). It’s not all snow for this powerhouse couple, but you don’t want to miss what these two are up to!


Golden retrievers seem to be a favorite amongst adventure goers and dog lovers alike. Millie shows us why. Follow this goofy, self-confessed adventure pup’s explorations around Washington state and beyond. Take me with you!


Sometimes one pooch is simply not enough. For those times, there is Camping With Dogs. Some of the world’s most photographic and audacious pups all come together in one place.

There goes the rest of your day. You’re welcome.

Sam is a writer, photographer, adventure traveller and Human Rights worker currently residing in New York City. He loves to ski and snowboard in far off lands and has made turns in both Japan and Iran.


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