Got a spare wad of gold bullion hanging around the living room? It might be time to cash it in for a year long wellness trip that won’t leave much change from half a million dollars.

Pitched at ‘thirty something burnt out executives’ who clearly were not waiting tables in their twenties, health conscious baby boomers who won the real estate lottery and super cashed up retirees, the Ultimate Luxury Around The World Wellness Trip is not for the pauper.

According to the marketing collateral that refers to the price of the trip as an ‘investment’ the 12 month round the world trip is ideal for those recovering from the trauma of divorce (obviously with an impressive settlement) or illness (if they haven’t spent all their dollars on treatments first).

Those who dish out the dollars can expect business class airfares around the world to 20 countries, a private kickboxing session with a British gold medallist in Ibiza, a Tai Chi class on the summit of Vietnam’s Marble Mountains, a professional wellness team with fitness training, healing spa therapies, healthy nutrition and a new kidney, liver or brain (ok, maybe not those last three).

You can get your culture fix in Rome and Istanbul, keep active on your journey when mastering stand-up paddle boarding in Hawaii and hiking to the 700m summit of Gros Piton Mountain in St Lucia. All combined with a healthy dose of adventure, paraglide from the mountains of Oman and zip line through the rainforests of Costa Rica.

Including a helicopter tour of Australia’s iconic Twelve Apostle’s and a private guide safari across the wilds of South Africa, experience the very best in luxury travel on this ‘ultimate life changing wellness trip.’

Check out the full itinerary on this link, it will blow your mind.

Pricing starts from $340 000pp with Business Class flights, and from $305 000pp with Economy flights. Too much? Then just go for six months from $190 000 per person with business class or $162 000 for economy flights.

Still interested? Then hit up Health and Fitness Travel and tell them we sent you. I figure the commission on one sale may feed me for life.


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