so Merlin can spend $9 million on a lift, but can’t underwrite some charter flights in 80 to 100 seater jets to Albury. Falls used to be full of Qlders before low cost airlines. Now the only way to fly to Albury from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast means flying to Sydney & then changing to a small turboprop on various airlines. Because not many cheap seats, the coach companies can’t meet every flight.

I don’t know the exact cost to charter a 80-100 seater jet to Albury but from Brisbane it would be around $40,000 return or $200/seat each way (whether filled or not). Coach transfers from Albury to Falls in full sized coaches would surely cost about $20-$25/seat each way, again, whether seat is filled or not.

At these sot of prices, people would return to Falls instead of going to NZ.

Flights could operate Fridays & Sundays.

Without easy, reasonably priced flights to Albury, Falls will become a mostly locals resort.

BTW flying to MEL & coaching from there is not really an option. It would take the same amount of time, as flying to Los Angeles & cost way more.

Come on Merlin, get your act together !!!!!