This has been an issue for soooo long! Way too long! You’ve only touched on the short pants issue. If you are short and wide that’s even bigger issue! Then there’s the great jacket that is a ladies size XL or even XXL which, if you happen to be a girl with hips or CBH’s (Child Bearing Hips) as they can otherwise be referred to, that you have no hope of getting zipped up without feeling like you can’t move let alone ride comfortably. So you end of in a Mens XL or XXL with rolled up sleeves in a style that is not too masculine. If you can find such a thing! At least you know you’ll be warm , dry with plenty of room to move. Even if it looks like a 3/4 length jacket! I’m tall so can get away with it reasonably but what if you are short? Plus sizes are becoming increasingly main stream in Ladies Fashions. It’s time for the Snowsports Industry to step up as well. They will tell you that it’s all about the lack quantities when manufacturing but they really just need to get the sizing right! If you’re going to produce a Ladies XL or XXL wouldn’t you think that it should fit around the hips of a size 18-20? I’ve been dealing with this issue for years! Been skiing for 40 years & only had this issue in the last 20 as I have grown older & bigger. I still like to turn my skis & feel the freedom & enjoyment that a good run on fresh snow or a great groomer can give me. Even if it is much slower these days! But why can’t I do that in comfortable ski gear that fits properly & looks great? There are some brands that I love but I know have no hope of fitting into. So you admire & head over to the Mens area & hope for the best. Most girls are not a size 8-12 & matchsticks. More like a shapely 12 -16 who would fit into a current L or XL. They’re not big! Just normal! They should be in an S or M. The match sticks can be an XS. Leave the XL & XXL for big girls and make them to fit properly! There used to be a ladies ski pant called Curvy Girls Pants that were awesome but sadly, no longer available. They really did fit curvy girls!