A season in Japan? Hell yeah

If you think Japan powder is out of your league. Think again.

Michaela Davis-Meehan is an Australian pro snowboarder.  She is also a guide with Mint Tours in Japan, guiding the Chicks Snowboard Camps. This is her Japan experience.

How many years have you been boarding?

My first time ever time at the snow was Perisher. On the ski’s around the age of 3 until I switched to snowboarding when I was about 8.

Highlights would be the places all over the world that snowboarding has taken me and breaking my back – It might not sound like a highlight but to come back to snowboarding and continue onto making the Australian team, competing on the World Cup tour and then even to make the shadow Olympic Team is an achievement I will always be really proud of.

What do you love about Japan?

Heated toilet seats!!! Also the ridiculously good snow. Smiling and nodding when you have no idea whats going on (it’s amazing how much you can communicate with someone without speaking the same language), beers and canned hot chocolates in a vending machine, the food, onsens, snow monkeys!!! …It’s all goooood.

What do you love about guiding?

Taking what I love and sharing it with others only for them to find that they love it too.

Frothing off each other, seeing someone get something for the first time, pushing people out of their comfort zones and them realising what they can do.

Helping girls find their Sisu – determination, bravery and resilience. Getting to the end of a run with grins from ear to ear on everyone’s faces, high fives all round and jumping on the chairlift only to do it all again.

What is your favourite story of a guest you guided?

What happens on tour, stays on tour! I’ve seen everyone progress and had too many laughs to just name one story!

How hard is it to ski/ride the powder in Japan?

It’s a leg burner thats for sure. If it’s your first time there is definitely going to be some awesome falls, flips and face plants (but it’s so soft and fluffy, probably the only time falling is fun) And once you get the hang of it, you’re hooked for life and it will be one of the best things you have ever done.

Is it out of everyone’s league if not why not?

Not at all! It’s definitely different to riding the groomers, but everyone has to start somewhere, and why not go straight to some of the best pow in the world?

What is your favourite food in Japan?

Can I say all of it? Even down to the simplest things like a soft boiled egg mixed in with rice for breakfast, I could eat that everyday….and I have.

What is your funniest moment in Japan?

There’s too many funny moments! Everyday something goes down that makes me laugh.

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  1. Love seeing girls getting after it and actually getting some good media coverage! Michaela Davis-Meehan rips … they do Canada and other places too I think? Keep the chick stories coming …


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