A self heating base layer to protect you from the cold

SnowsBest sent Adie Robertson to the Australian ski resorts to review the AVADE self heating base layer. 

Asked to test-drive an innovative hightech heated base layer in Thredbo recently I was quietly excited. With a propensity for feeling the cold, I hoped that this garment might prove to be a real asset in my ski wardrobe.

The AVADE black lightweight long-sleeved garment promised heat on demand at the touch of a button and on inspection I could see and feel exactly where the carbon fibre heating elements were situated within the garment. Right where I needed them.

The top came with two rechargeable batteries and two different charging apparatus and I thought if this top delivers I will definitely be including it in my next ski adventure.

A quick perusal of the instructions and I was able to easily connect the already fully charged battery to the in-garment connector cord and slip it into it’s readymade pouch midway down the back on the right-hand side. I popped the spare battery into my ski-jacket pocket in case I needed to change over whilst I was out on the slopes.

On wearing the garment I was conscious of the weight of the battery initially, but once I had my ski clothes over the top, I ceased to notice it at all. Aware of the easy to access temperature control button on the end of my right-hand sleeve, I put my ski boots on and was ready to roll.

A short walk from my hotel to the chairlift and I was already heating-up. This works I thought, impressive.

A quick glance at my sleeve revealed I was running on hot! Red Hot! Whoops. A touch of the button and the colour changed to Orange (medium heat). And another to Green (low). Worth noting, it was really simple to adjust the heat setting on my wrist.

Up, up and away on the chair, the temperature dropped and the wind picked-up. I was glad of a pleasurable warmth spreading across my back and also extending across my chest. I skied around for a while on the Green temperature zone and felt really comfortable.

Later as I stood waiting for friends in the icy wind, I was smug in the knowledge that as others were freezing I was warm and cozy. I pushed the control to Red and was glad of the maximum heat delivered whilst others were noticeably shivering in their boots.

After a long traverse out of bounds to access the pristine powder that lay awaiting us, I was really hot from the exertion. No longer requiring any extra heat I unplugged the battery and cooled down. Simple.

I am also impressed to know that this is an Australian designed and engineered garment.

Each battery has a life dependent on the specific heat setting chosen. It will last for six hours whilst the setting is on Green at 30 degrees Celsius; four and a half hours on Orange at 40 degrees; and three hours on Red at 50 degrees.

It’s a winner and will definitely be accompanying me on my next ski trip.

The AVADE base layer retails at AU$199 and comes in black or white.

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