Hold on to your helmets, people. California is about to get slammed with huge snowfall totals in the next week. Mammoth Mountain is the biggest winner with 297 centimetres of snow set to fall over five days.

A huge storm is in effect in California with heavy rain and tons of snow for the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It’s already been a crazy season thus far for California with some big snow storms delivering the goods.

Mammoth’s season snowfall total is already 477 centimetres (191 inches), so this storm will almost double their season total. Squaw has had 657 centimetres (263 inches) of snowfall to date and it set to get over 2 metres over the next week. 

Meanwhile Kirkwood boasts 513 centimetres (212 inches) so far this season and is expecting another 216 centimetres from this storm.

OpenSnow.com California forecast

opensnow california
Opensnow.com California totals

Snow-Forecast.com Mammoth forecast

Snow-forecast.com has a more conservative snow forecast for Mammoth with over two metres in four days.

snow forecast mammoth
Snow-forecast.com Mammoth Mountain

Accuweather.com snow probability for Mammoth Lakes

accuweather probability
Accuweather.com snow probability for Mammoth Lakes
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