I was once skiing in Aspen with some great friends and we were keen to catch first lift, so to make haste, my friend Kate decided to skip blow-drying her long, blonde hair before we headed out the door at first light. Big mistake. BIG.

Just as we hit the base of Ajax and were about to alight the gondola, she let out blood curdling shriek that made us all nearly jump out of our ski boots. Her wet hair had quite literally frozen and snapped off, rendering her with a somewhat asymmetrical and weird looking bob. She wasn’t happy. Not at all.

First tip people – do not go outside in sub-zero temperatures with wet hair, or this could happen to you, too.

Anthony Nader’s Hair Tips

For some other handy hair hints in the snow, I asked my mane man, celebrity hair stylist Anthony Nader from Raw Hair in Sydney, for his top tips on keeping your locks lush in harsh winter conditions for some advice.

“The sub-zero temperatures in the snow will wreak havoc on your hair if you let them,” says Anthony.  “Luckily, they’re easily outsmarted.”

Moisturise moisturise moisturise

“You’re not just in the cold, but an environment that is lacking greatly in humidity, so any moisture in your hair will quickly be sucked out. Prep your locks before you get on the sloped by using a leave-in moisturiser before you blow-dry,” advises Anthony.

“Also, pack a travel-sized deeply hydrating shampoo and conditioner to keep tress stress at a minimum throughout your ski trip. If you can fit it in your luggage, a deep conditioning hair mask sachets is a great idea, too. Use it every couple of days.”

Stylin’ on the fly

Next up, you want to watch how much you’re styling your hair. Sure, you want to look cute at après, but nobody really expects you to have a full ‘do going on. The more you use heated styling products, the more your hair will come under stress and you could wind up with split ends and mega damage.

“When you’re blow-drying or styling your hair in an alpine environment, try to stick to a quick blast dry, beginning with low heat so as not to stress your strands,” says Anthony.

“Start on lower heat and then only if you’re not achieving the shape or style you want, turn up the heat one notch.”

We’re guessing you’re probably using the hotel’s hair dryer, so it won’t have much force to it anyway, but just to be sure, apply a little of your leave-in moisture cream first. Once you’ve finished drying, spray some dry shampoo into the roots, as this will help combat helmet hair.

Keep that travel-sized bottle of dry shampoo in your ski jacket, too, for the same reason.

“Once you’re off the mountain, head to the bathroom and stick your head under the hand dryer upside down for a few seconds to gift it some lift,” says Anthony. “Then, spray the dry shampoo directly into the roots to give lift and a bit more fullness and shape.”

Hair products for alpine conditions

Theorie Argan Oil Reform Hair and Body Travel Pack, $39.95, which includes Ultimate Reform Shampoo, Ultimate Reform Conditioner, Ultra Luxe Body Cleanser, Ultimate Reform Hair Serum and Argan Ultimate Reform Hair Mask, all housed in a handy travel case. Get it here.

Justice Professional Smooth and Groom Travel, $5.95. It’s a rich conditioning cream that strengthens and smooths hair, while protecting against aforementioned frozen snapping disasters. It also increases shine and brightness and helps to repair cuticle damage, tames frizz and adds control to strong, unruly hair. Get it here. 

Klorane Travel Size Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, $7.95. Paraban-free, colorant-free, sulphate-free, this dry shampoo has highly absorbent micronized powders and oat milk to soothe and protect. Get it here. 

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