House with 5 private ski slopes for sale in Canada

This ‘cottage’ in Canada comes with five ski slopes and lifts on the property. Think of it as your own private ski hill.

You could buy a lakeside cottage in Canada for CA$25 million OR you could buy this house complete with five ski slopes, a t-bar lift system, backcountry trails and even night skiing for CA$1.5million.

According to the Wall Street Journal this home for sale in Ontario has 123 acres and a 250 foot vertical drop ski hill.

Rob Birch and Francine Goulet were dating when Mr. Birch took Ms. Goulet to see the place—about two hours from Toronto, Canada—where he’d learned to ski as a child. The overgrown 123-acre property in Huntsville, Ont. was no longer an operating ski mountain. ‘We walked to the top of the hill and the views were outstanding. … We were starting our life together and we thought, ”Wouldn’t this be neat to have a chalet here,’’ says Ms. Goulet. They walked back to their car, which was parked on the old dirt road, and as they pulled away they saw the ‘for sale’ sign.

‘We purchased it and thought, ”Oh my god, we now own a ski hill,”’ says Mr. Birch, who, with Ms. Goulet, owns and runs a logistics company. The couple says they paid approximately $90,000 Canadian dollars for the property in 1997 (US$65,534 in today’s dollars) and then set about restoring the ski facilities. They recut the five runs and the two back-country trails and restored the T-bar lift. One run, named Nancy Greene after the Canadian Olympic skier, has lights for night skiing. They also built two large shops to store equipment.

The home is for sale through Christies and Chestnut Park Real Estate and is listed as:

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So, who’s in? The Canadian dollar is at parity with the Australian so think of this is as a bargain.

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  1. seems nice unfortunatly its near huntsville which is southern ontario without modern snow making equipment youd be lucky if enough snow falls on that mountain to ski down it probably not worth it no wonder they purchased it so cheap in the 90’s

    • Actually Huntsville gets tons of snow as it is in the snowbelt about 2 hours north of Toronto. We had a cottage up there for years. Certainly there would be years with less snow than others, but certainly enough to enjoy this property 4 seasons.

    • I grew up in the area (Georgian Bay Region) and they get plenty of natural snowfall. Wikipedia says average snowfall Dec-Mar is about 2.5m. It’s no Whistler, but if you’re the only family carving tracks it should be more than enough.

      Though I agree snowmaking equipment would be nice, and the operating expenses of this property are probably insane, given the average house in Toronto cost over a million bucks I imagine this will find a buyer no problem.

    • We’ll you obviously don’t have a clue. Huntsville gets a ton of snow, the odd winter such as the one we are currently in is considered an exception.

    • You might want to check a map and maybe read the article again which clearly states it’s 2 hours NORTH of Toronto which gets lots of snow.

    • This is 2.5 hours north of Toronto, in the Georgian Bay snowbelt. Forget about a snowmaker, if you buy it, get a plow for your truck, because you are going to need it to keep that driveway clear:)

    • I once lived in Huntsville ON. We got tons of snow as it is part of the snow belt. It’s heavy snow but we would get several feet of it throughout the winter

    • where are you even from . 1. it’s not southern Ontario and 2. they get a crap load of snow In huntsville . I should know my family lives there

    • You obviously aren’t from Huntsville and have little knowledge of our annual snow fall. This epic and unique location would be perfect for anyone interested in owning a piece of paradise in the heart of Muskoka. The great white north. ?

    • Not sure where you got your information but you have no idea what you are talking about. First of all Huntsville is NOT in Southern Ontario and secondly Huntsville IS in the “Snowbelt”. And last…they do have snow making machines, this house may not seeing how it’s not an operating ski resort.

    • Huntsville is in Muskoka and gets an obscene amount of snow dropped onto it every year. It’s right on the edge of Algonquin park- not Southern Ontario at all.

  2. Hello, It’s not in southern Ontario it is 4-5 hours north where we get plenty of snow for skiing, skating, snow shoeing and sledding.The owners groom it and use it all winter. It’s a gorgeous property year round!

  3. The lakes areas in Ontario get a lot of snow, I’m from Alberta so can’t compare the mountains to the bunny hill. However, with 123 acres for snow mobiles, cross country skiing and skating on the pond there is so much more to do than just skiing. We have been to Huntsville in the summer and it was beautiful cottage country.


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