The powder won’t stop in Australia, here’s a gallery to prove it

Dumping in Thredbo. Pic from Thredbo Media.

If you didn’t know, it’s been bucketing snow in Australian ski resorts this winter and it just won’t stop. Hot off the back of a record season in 2017, this season is already breaking records with Perisher claiming the deepest base for August 17 since 2004.

Now all the resorts are holding two metre snow base parties and social media is breaking under the weight of all the powder pics. Perisher car park was so full today they had to turn powder pigs back at the park gates. Yes, that’s how much snow there is and how many people wanting in on it.

Clearly, if you weren’t at an Aussie ski resort today then you missed out. But never fear, there is still MORE snow coming tomorrow and the next day and the next. Check out our 7 day detailed forecasts for your favourite resort here.

Meanwhile in the interests of public safety, we saw it fit to post the best of the powder pics from today here. If you react with extreme envy then just look away, look away.

The day in Thredbo started like this. Sigh. 

If you were driving to Perisher, well, then the stoke was high.

It was just as bad for the poor old folks at Mt Buller, who were clearly struggling.

The sign in this image from Hotham is 2.5 metres tall. Just saying.


Falls Creek almost lost themselves with the amount of snow.

No point standing around either, or this happens.

More torture

Have you got the picture yet? No? Ok, masochists, torture yourself with this gallery of powder pics from powder pics who were clearly having a better day than you were.

Be warned, there will be more images and videos and hype and stoke to come as the weekend progresses. Word is there is another 30 centimetres to come.

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