That one time Australian ski resorts went all Japan

Man oh snow man. Someone got lost in the white room at Hotham. Pic by Hocking.

If you thought yesterday’s gallery of images and videos from the weekend’s blizzard was off the hook, well, look away because today got even better.

If I heard “it was just like Japan” once, then I heard it at least twenty times – after that I stopped taking calls, I mean, really, have these people been to Japan? I sound bitter, I know, shoulder injuries do that to you.

Either way, Thredbo started the day by claiming 40 centimetres from the storm that started yesterday morning after the last storm before that and the storm before that. Not bad, not bad at all. 

First tracks at the resort was a case of super dry powder on top of perfect groomers. Watch and feel it.

Perisher had similar figures and loads of snow. These guys cleared their deck last Thursday, imagine if they hadn’t.

Trevor Staats woke up to quite the surprise in the Thredbo backcountry.

Pic by Trevor Staats

While Mark Tsukasov scored first chair at Hotham. Lucky bugger.

Pic by Mark Tsukasov

Mt Buller has had a cracker, but then, really, who hasn’t?

Pic by Ski Club of Victoria!

Falls Creek, meanwhile, have been happy dancing since cracking the 2 metres base yesterday. Here’s another corker from Ripparoo Ski Lodge.

Pic by Ripparoo Ski Lodge

The Australian Sled Dog Tours puppers at Mt Buller are having the best time ever. Really, ever. They’ve never seen snow as deep as this. Check out this canine hiding in the snow living his best life.

Australian Sled Dog Tours.

We’ll just leave you with one final image. Can you guess where this white room is?

Ok, you guessed right, Hotham.

Sigh. Ok, we clearly haven’t left you. Because, guess what? There. Is. More. Snow. Coming. Say what? Yep. More. Check out our forecasts here.

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