ANZ Snowboarding magazine release an apology for ‘that’ RANT

    Australian and New Zealand Snowboarding magazine, have released an apology statement in response to the furore from Troy Sturrock’s abusive rant about ski instructors and lifties published this week (read that here).

    Well done ANZ Snowboarding Magazine. Copped it on the chin, been schooled and now moving on.

    UPDATE. Troy Sturrock issued an apology on his Facebook page.

    I would like to extend my apology for my RANT in ANZ snowboard magazine. It was a generalisation of stereotypes within the industry. It was meant to be light hearted humor and not meant to be taken seriously. It was never meant to be malicious or directed at anyone personally. I appreciate all of the hard work that everyone involved in the ski industry does to keep what I do an love alive. I sincerely apologize to everyone I have upset.


    Snow forecast this weekend, let’s move forward and all go skiing/boarding.

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