Have backpack, will ski or snowboard.

From the car to the locker room, on the chairlift or in the backcountry, what you have inside your backpack reveals so much about how you approach your ski or snowboard day.

We love checking out who chooses to carry what and why, so we asked four regular skiers and snowboarders to let us peak inside their kit.

The North Face athlete Janina Kuzma – NZ ski touring

1. Rescue tarp 2. Shovel 3. Probe 4. Avalanche saw 5. Shovel 6. Avalanche transceiver 7. Rope 8. Skins 9. Spare gloves 10. In reach comms 11. Sun hat 12. Blow up mat 13. repair kit 14. The North Face 50 L touring bag 15. Spare The North Face puffy jacket 16. Thermos 17. 1L drink bottle 18. First aid kit 19. Head torch

Janina Kuzma is our favourite Kiwi two time Olympic freestyle skier, seven time New Zealand Open Freeski Champion, two time Canadian Freeski Champion, two time World Heli Challenge Champion and Freeride World Tour podium placer. She’s also a qualified NZMGA mountain guide and mountaineer. Phew!

She chooses to use a traditional climbers pack for ski touring days, The North Face Phantom 50, it’s partially transclucent so you know where your gear is and built with fabric stronger than steel by weight.

Then she fills it with a rescue sled, shovel, probe, transceiver, thermo mat which doubles as padding for the rescue sled and something to sit on for lunch. Also inside are spare gloves and a warm jacket, thermos, drink bottle, first aid kit, repair kit, hat, skins, head torch and saw.

Buff Farnell, local legend – Hotham accessed backcountry

1. Quiksilver Gore Shell 2. Cassin ultralight ice axe 3. Head torch. 4. Le Bent base layers. 5. Beanie 6. Giro Ledge Helmet. 7. Black Diamond alpine shovel. 8. Giro goggles. 9. K2 Party Poles. 10. K2 MindBender 108 skis. 11. POW Core Gloves. 12. BCA Tracker beacon. 13. G3 skins 14. Marker Tour 12 bindings. 15. Hotham buff and water bottle. 16. Full Tilt First Chair 10 boots. 17. One Planet day and a half pack. 18. Le Bent socks 19. Cassin alpine crampons. Plus small repair kit and small first aid kit (inside pack)

Buff loves nothing more than a day in nature far from the madding crowds, it’s why he loves the Hotham backcountry. You may recognise him from the Ski Patrollers Association backcountry safety film, alongside Hotham patroller, Bill Barker.

He’s an artist and creative and is passionate about Australia’s alpine regions. Track him down next time you’re in Hotham and he’ll show you his secret stash of powder turns. ‘Cos no one knows Hotham better than Buff.

Grace Falconer-Smith, Falls Creek Milch Bar – resort skiing

1. jacket. 2. XTM beanie. 3 Dragon lenses 4. Faction skis 5. Dragon lenses 6. XTM pants. 7 Blak beanie. 8. Salomon carbon poles. 9. Blak Headwear hood 10. XTM Hood 11. XTM neck gaiter. 12 Yuki Threads hoodie. 13. Rad Gloves, 14. headphones 15. Pro Tec helmet 16. Bonds long sleeve 17. water bottle. 18 Full Tilt ski boots, 19 ROJO socks. 20. Freddo Frogs 21. La Roche-Posay sun block and Blistex lip balm

Grace hits up Falls Creek resort by day, playing in the powder storms and blue bird groomers, and spends her time at Milch Bar by night, keeping the vibe going for all the skiers and snowboarders looking for après and sustenance.

Clearly her favourite colour is pink, if her backpack is anything to go by. If you see her, hit her up for one of those Freddos she keeps stored away to give to her favourite lifties.

Stuart Smythe, Falls Creek Management Board CEO – day touring

1.Spare socks 2. Spare woollen thermal top 3. XTM wool skull cap  4. Backpack. 5. MSC Maps. 6. Ski wax. 7. Binoculars 8. Sun block and gaffer tape 9. Shove. 10. Ski straps 11. Probe 12. Space blanket 13. Head torch 14. Avi beacon 15. Lip balm 16. Decision making guide 17. Band aids 18. Ski skins 19. Compass 20. Leatherman 21 Clif bars 22. Snow study kit with log book 23. Gloves.

Stuart Smythe loves a backcountry day, whether in his beloved Hakuba Valley or out the back of Falls Creek. Either way he fills his single day touring pack to the brim.

His key items for his Aussie backpack are a spare beacon, in case of malfunction, plus one set spare batteries. Sunblock, gaffer tape (also have this wrapped around ski poles – it can hold all sorts of malfunctions together, or help bind a sled if needed), ski wax (glob stopper on big snow days).

He also carries all the necessary avi and safety gear plus a thousand other “essentials”, except scroggin, he hates scroggin. Smythe’s hydration pack (3litres) is not shown as it’s currently wrapped up in the freezer to prevent mould and cooties when not being used.

All up? He’s carrying an extra 12 – 14 kilos on a day trip.

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