Action sports folk love to film their conquests whether the latest mountain bike trail, white water rafting or powder skiing from a helicopter.

EYE Live is a new social network where you can now share your footage and photos of skiing, snowboarding, running, biking adventures and more while connecting with others doing the same. Follow your favourite athletes, become an action sports influencer or just channel your inner pro and share your adventures with friends.

There’s a ‘channel’ for dedicated sports so you can search via the sport you love or just follow a variety. You can go ‘live’ with your adventure or upload footage shot before. Instead of ‘likes’ there are ‘fist pumps’ to show your online stoke when someone posts something you like.

EYE Live was founded by two Aussie tech and digital experts, Chris Flintoft and Chris Gillespie, and their Swedish business partner, Patrik Molander. Sharing a passion for sports, social, streaming media and wearable technology, the trio recognised the absence of a dedicated place to exclusively share sporting moments with like-minded people.

Both Gillespie and Flintoft shared a passion for road cycling and it was after a chance meeting in 2015 at an early morning training session, they started hatching plans to create Arenberg Sport, a sports technology business.

A shared passion for sport, social, streaming media and wearable technologies led to the birth of the idea to create EYE: a dedicated social network for personal sports.

“We wanted to establish a space for sports lovers to enjoy the benefits of live streaming, filtering niche sports content and the ability to connect in a community-based hub without the background noise found on other social media platforms” said Flintoft.

“In our trial stage, we’ve already seen people sharing their incredible sporting moments on EYE from Australia’s Blue Mountains, Thredbo, and Bondi Beach to New Zealand to Sweden.”

It’s easy to use, just download the app on Google Play or the Apple App store and create a profile, connect your camera and start filming.

You can choose from road cycling, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, golf, paragliding, running, surfing, triathlon, kite surfing, snowboarding, trail running, skateboarding, fishing, swimming, kayaking categories.

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