Is this the new Aldi ski and snowboard range for Australia 2023?

Every year skiers and snowboarders looking to grab a bargain piece of outerwear for their growing kids head to Aldi.

Until the pandemic when the sale was cancelled, and then the sale was cancelled again.

Word is the snow “special buys” will most likely drop in-store again in Australia this year.

Which got us thinking, what did they offer in the northern hemisphere and will we be getting the same range?

Yes, we support buying local, but we also support making skiing and boarding more accessible to everyone and that means entry level clothing. Because, how else do we grow the sport if we don’t make it more affordable?

As skiers and boarders progress their gear gets more specialised and technical and then local ski retailers benefit.

But we’re not here for debate, we’re here for FARSHUN.

Aldi FARSHUN on a green screen

These are the pieces offered in the UK this past northern winter and were then put online for purchase in January this year.

We’re not saying this is definitely what Australia will get, but we are asking “why wouldn’t they give us this?”


What do you think?

Borrowing heavily from the form fitting trend with knee pads and streamlined silhouettes and we’re here for it.

The Kiwi merino company reinventing snow wear (and the puffer)

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