Big news! Shaun White is in a band. Oh, and he’s being sued for sexual harassment.

If we’re to believe the celebrity mongering TMZ website (well, they did ‘break’ the Mel Gibson drunk driving, Britney Spears divorce, Paris Hilton jailed, Chris Brown assaults Rihanna, Michael Jackson death, Prince’s death and Solange vs Jay Z elevator fight stories) then Shaun White could be in big trouble.


Apparently Shaun plays guitar in Bad Things, a band he formed in 2008.  Who knew? Clearly not the Billboard charts even though they did sign with Warner Bros.

The drummer of Bad Things, Lena Zawaideh, is now according to TMZ suing White for years of sexual harassment in person and via text. White also allegedly owes her $42 000 in back payment because he felt she didn’t need the money and demanded the band follow him on snowboard tour for band rehearsals.

Watch this space. TMZ may be known for ‘paying’ or rather ‘tipping’ their sources but they rarely get it wrong.

Home page feature image from US Burton Open 2013


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