Ski patrollers save two dogs from a death chute in Austria

solden ski patrol
Photo credit: Mountain Rescue Sölden

As if we couldn’t love ski patrollers more. They are the angels of the mountain, risking their own lives to save ours, dealing with numpties who duck closed rope signs, solo skiers and boarders who trigger avalanches and do it all on either no or little pay. 

Now they’ve saved our second favourite creatures of the mountain. Dogs. Two of them. Waimaraners to be precise.

The mountain rescue team in Sölden were called out to rescue two woofers who got themselves stuck in a rather precarious snow laden mountain chute with no way up and no way down after a crash on the mountain road.

Their human called mountain rescue and what followed was a delicate rescue operation with winches and rapels and hard hats and those angels of the mountain.

The doggos were saved and lived to tell the tail (see what we did there).

You can check out the original Facebook post and more images of their rescue story (it’s in German) below. Be sure to give those dog rescuing mountain folk a like or 500.

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Posted by Bergrettung Sölden on Monday, 23 December 2019

Well done, ski patrol, well done.

The ski town that's gone to the dogs, again.

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